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    Why do I get an error message saying unable to use disk when creating a DVD

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      I have successfully burned two DVD's of a group of three I am burning of my last vacation pictures. I have successfully created WMV files for each day of the trip which I have combined to create the three DVD's so they won't be too lengthy. I created a menu with main menu and stop menu markers. When I went to burn the third disk, which is the shortest of the group the program would encode to the 96% and then the disk would eject and it would give an errow message saying the disk was not compatable. This was the same type of DVD-RW disks I used on the two successful disks. I tried redoing the burn 3  times with each time getting to 96% on the encription and then the same error message occurred. I used fresh disks each time. On the forth try I cut the number of WMV files down to 3 to make the DVD half as long. The same thing happened at the 96th% spot of the encription process. Nothing had ever been put on the disks. I am using top quality Memorex DVD-RW disks. Please let me know what else I can do. I am very frustrated. Oh yes, I closed the program down each time I got the error and also shut down and restarted the computer afer each error. I really want to finish this project as I have been working on it now for two weeks non stop. Thank you.