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    Multi-Camera Window Is Green - MPE Hardware Acceleration Problem


      When I create a multi-camera edit, the multi-camera window shows nothing but a green screen.  Here's what I did:


      1) I created the project using an Adobe DSLR 24fps 1080p preset.
      2) I created 2 sequences, ("Sequence 01" and "Sequence 02 - MultiCam") using the Adobe DSLR preset.
      3) I made sure Premier was using the Adobe Player as the player setting.
      4) I loaded 3 Cineform, 23.976 fps 1080P AVI clips into "Sequence 01".
      5) I nested "Sequence 01" into the second sequence, "Sequence 02 - MultiCam".
      6) I enabled Multi-Camera on "Sequence 02 - MultiCam".
      7) I opened the Multi-Camera Window...


      ...And got a "totally green screen" in the multi-camera window as soon as I opened it.





      I've been in contact with Cineform Technical Support, as this only happens with Cineform files, and their workaround is to turn off the hardware acceleration in the Mercury Playback Engine setting.


      When it is changed to "Mercury Playback Engine Software Only", I'm able to do multi-camera edits normally.


      I understand there is an error in Adobe's SDK, which Cineform reported to Adobe, but Adobe has shown no interest in fixing it.  I wonder if there are any other workarounds, rather than turning off MPE hardware acceleration?  Could it also be video card driver related?


      Here's are my system specifics:


      ASUS P6X58D-E Motherboard

      i7-970 3.2GH

      24 GB RAM

      nVidia GTX-570

      WD 10,000RPM system drive

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

      Adobe Production Premium CS 5.5