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    Final System Build - Almost Ready

    alexdejesus Level 1

      Intel Core i7-2600k   


      ASUS P8P67 Pro B3    


      ASUS GTX 570 Graphics  


      4 x 4 GB RAM DDR3 Kingston     1600 HyperX T1


      850W Pwr Supply Thermaltake   


      2 x 2TB Barracuda XT SATA III      1 for Captured media, and 1 for cache, pagefile, previews


      2TB G RAID                                 for Storage


      2 x 1.5TB SATA I                         My old drives


      2TB Buffalo External eSATA


      2TB iOmega StorCenter Ix2 NAS    for backups and finished work


      1 Barracuda 1TB SATA II               for System OS & projects


      InWin BUC Chassis                      slots for 5 drives - 4 of them hot-swap


      Windows 7 Ultimate                      Cooler Master V8 Heatsink  (In case I overclock)


      Matrox MX02 mini                         (Probably didn't need this, but it's here)


      Production Premium CS5.5


      This was my first do-it-yourselfer. With everything I read I should be pretty happy. However, not sure about a couple of things:


      1) I was going to do 2 x 2 1TB RAID O, but they had nothing smaller than 2TB drives. If they are SATA III, shouldn't they be plenty fast for HDV not RAIDed? Anyway, pagefile, cache, previews on a SATA III. Capture Media on the other.


      2) What are the recommended BIOS settings, especially for SATA, Video, etc? I read somewhere that the defaults were not ideal.


      3) There's only one PCIe slot, the Matrox will go there. How will that affect the graphics board?


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