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    ComboBox/Dropdown in Director

    ajeet.ghule Level 1
      hi Guys!
      i need to know if director supports dropdown/combobox tool. I want a dropdown/combobox tool and want to show numbers in it from 1-10. but i am not able to find the combobox in the toolbox of Director.There are tools like listbox, checkbox,textinput, button but not abe to fine the dropdown.
      can anybody please help me in this regard.

      Thanks in Advance
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          Macnimation2 Level 1

          In Director MX 2004, go to the Library on the right, choose Controls.

          In the list is a Dropdown List component which can be modified to suit your needs.

          You could also create the Dropdown menu in Flash and import the .swf file into Director and use it that way also.

          Hope this helps.
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            ajeet.ghule Level 1
            hi Macnimation!
            i m not able to find Dropdown in the component list of library.Do u mean to say that the list. If so i dont want the list but the dropdown control.Please guide me if m wrong somewhere as i am new to this environment.Wating for your quick response.Can i use the list control as a dropdown control.

            thanks in advance.
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              Macnimation2 Level 1

              What version of Director are you using?

              If not MX 2004, then you will be better off using a Flash .swf file imported.
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                Macnimation2 Level 1

                What exactly do you want to do with the dropdown menu? Will you be moving around the movie depending on the the option you shoose is 1 or 2 or....?

                To create a simple dropdown menu in Director there are a few steps to take.

                You first ahve to create a field to house the list.

                Choose Window --> Field (or Ctrl + 8). This opens a text panel.


                etc all the way to 10.

                Place this field on the stage where you want the Dropdown list to go.

                I was wrong. Director MX also has the dropdown list behaviour.

                Click on the Library Tab or (Window --> Library Panel)

                And choose Controls

                A behaviour of Dropdown list should be there.

                Drag it onto the Field you created.

                If you can get this far let me know and I will let you know the rest
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                  ajeet.ghule Level 1
                  yep i have created a field and have placed three items


                  also i have draged the dropdown list onto the field.
                  what should be the next step.
                  the script of the dropdown list contains many functions.how can i use this on the field
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                    Macnimation2 Level 1
                    ok, great.

                    When you drag the Dropdown list behaviour onto the Text field you should get the "Parameters for Dropdown list" Box open.

                    Do the following:

                    Give the list a name if required " OS's" !!

                    Contents of List: Current Contents of the field

                    Purpose of the list: Execute:go movie | go marker | do selectedLine

                    Click ok.

                    A little bit more to do

                    Now for each section of your movie that you want to jump to depending on the OS chosen, create a marker at the start of each section and name each one: Windows, Mac etc.

                    Create a new behaviour script, by going to Windows --> Script

                    In the window type the following (Or what you require)

                    on Windows
                    go to "Windows"

                    on Mac
                    go to "Mac"

                    on Linux
                    go to"Linux"

                    The first line refers to the word in the Field list
                    The Second line refers to the Marker name

                    Now, where do you place this script......nowhere.... why?

                    We will make it a Movie Script, rather than a behaviour script. If you create a Behaviour script then it needs to be dragged or placed onto the object/s

                    A Movie script however can be left in the cast list, and will be called whenever it is reuired throught the movie...cool, because you can edit the script later and you dont have to go looking for each instance throught the movie file.

                    To turn the script into a Movie script just:

                    click on it once in the Cast window.

                    On the right in the Property Inspector click the Type tab

                    Change the type to Movie.

                    The last thing you need to do is place a behaviour at the end of each clip to stop the play from going straight to each section.

                    Create a new behaviour window: Windows -->Script


                    on exitFrame me
                    go to the frame

                    Close the Script window.

                    Find this behaviour in the Cast and drag it into a frame in the Script channel above each section at the end. So for the above, I would drag it three times to the end of each of the Windows, Mac and Linux sections.

                    You also need to look at the score and see where the field text list is. You can either drag the field expand it to play across the whole movie so that it is always seen, or copy the filed and paste it into each section to be available for each clip.

                    Does this make sense??