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    Problems with Drop Shadow




      I have created a book in InDesign and I have setup master pages that contain a blue coloured border.  When I drop in a photo and apply a stroke to it it is fine but when I put a drop shadow on it the colour of the blue both from the master page and the actual content on the page chnage to a darker colour.  Since I won't have photos on all pages is there a way around this?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Darkening of text in onscreen display is a known issue for adding transparency. Changing color on the background may mean you have the wrong transparency blend space set.


          To work around the darkening of text effect your only real option is to make ALL pages have transparency if any will. You can do this by putting some innocuous transparent object on your master page where it won't affect anything else, or since your master page has that blue border, you could set the tranparency on that to 99.9% and it will do the same thing, and you'll never see the difference in color

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            wyaman Level 1

            Thanks Peter.  That worked a treat.


            No doubt I'll be back with more questions.