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    Text shifts down when overtyping


      I'm in an office with 2 Macs with Indesign.


      When typing over text (i.e. replacing a name on a business card) on one, the text is bumped down slightly. On the other terminal, this doesn't happen.


      I assume that there will be a box to tick or untick, but so far I cannot work out where.


      Has anyone else experienced this?





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If the same file behaves differently on two different systems, I suspect a display anomalie. I saw something similar just yesterday with a business card I did in CS3. When defining and applying a style based on the formatting for the text, the text shifted very slightly on the screen, but there was no change in the specifications for the type.


          It's possible, of course, that both you and I are seeing a case where the hidden paragraph break at the end of the paragraph has different specifications than the rest of the text (can happen when highlighting and applying local formatting), but that would affect the file in general and should be apparent wherever you do the editing.

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