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    Presenter plays flash animation too fast


      Hey everybody,



      I have a problem with a flash file once again. I have an animation (build in flash) which I incorporate into the PowerPoint presentation via the Presenter plugin. The animation is set to 30 fps and works fine. It does not incorporate any AS 3 content.

      When I publish the whole file, however, the animation is playing too fast (the end of the 4 minutes animation is reached after 3:30 minutes!!). The swf is fine, I tested it seperately.


      Does anyone know how I can resolve this problem?






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          nirupam_tewary Level 1

          Hi Dinin


          Thanks for using Adobe Presenter and my apologies that you are facing issues in using it. To help us resolve your issues, can you please provide some additional information:


          a. Are you enabling the 'Control using Presentation playbar' option ?

          b. Do you see this issue with all Flash generated swfs or with some specific files?

          c. Provide your environment details - version of Presenter, MS Office and the OS





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            Dinindaerrtu Level 1

            Dear nirupam_tewary,


            thank you for your quick reply.

            a) Actually, I did not enable the "control using Presentation playbar" option since I had problems with "lagging" animations (stopping for a second, jumping back and forth for a second and so on). However, you are right, the animation plays with the correct speed when I enable the option, so thank you for solving that problem. The lagging will be a minor inconvenience, but I've heard talk about an upgrade fixing that, too (?)


            b) I've seen this issue in all the flash files I tested. I even made a special test file where I just had text appear after certain time steps to see how large the delay would be.


            c) I had not updated my Presenter (didn't now that needed to be done manually), but since I just updated to 7.0.6 and forgot to note the old version, I cannot give more information   I use Office 2007 on a windows 7 system (service pack 1).

            BUT: Even with the updated version, the animation does NOT work if the "control using Presentation playbar" is switched off. This time it is playing too slow... However, I have just tested it with one animation only, so I cannot tell whether this is a recurring problem.


            Since there might be an ongoing discussion about this problem, I will not mark the "answered" button, yet. However, my initial problem IS solved by the "control using Presentation playbar" button. So thank you very much



            Best wishes,