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    problem bei transition

    Level 7

      We have a problem with transition effects

      When some transition is started , the screen begins to rapaint and in this
      moment I change to another application through ALT-TAB the transition loops
      unendlessly and the look of director-Application window is very "unclean"
      (buggy repaint). When I change again to Director app, its window repaints
      correctly and everything works fine. How can I avoid this situation?

      Thanx in advance

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          Level 7
          Have you disabled the animate in background projector option?

          If you have to run in background some lingo script, perhaps calling a
          function in the free version of buddyAPI xtra can determine when the
          projector is in background, jumping to a non transition frame to avoid
          the artifact.

          You can determine of the current frame has a transition ( the
          frameTransition?) perhaps jumping to the following frame if at a