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    Set document title from windows clipboard contents


      Hi Folks!


      I have a process which I perform all the time, which leads me to believe that it's a good candidate for scripting. However, my scripting capabilities are only VB stuff and I think this may be beyond that.


      Specifically, I print invoices from Quickbooks into PDF files, and the PDF then automatically opens in Acrobat.


      Today, I populate the Windows Clipboard while in Quickbooks. Next, I "print" the invoice to PDF, and Acrobat opens with that document. I then choose File->Properties, and paste the contents of the clipboard into the "Title" of the Properties dialog. Finally, I save and close the PDF.


      What I'd like: Upon pressing a button on toolbar (I hope this is possible!), I'd like to have the open document's "Title" set to whatever the contents of the Windows Clipboard is, then save and close the PDF document.


      Can anyone help with a shell of a script here? I have little to no experience in Acrobat (or javascript) scripting. I find the Adobe docs on this quite confusing, as I don't know whether to be using an external editor (how do I connect the external script to an Acrobat button?) or the internal Javascript Console (again, connect to button)?


      Any assistance here would be most appreciated.


      thanks in advance