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    XML Files

    Anthony Aymé Level 1



      I have a xml file, wich containes mxml data (a group, a label, a textinput)


      I would like to create a popup with all this components inside, dynamicly.


      I'm sur it's possible to do this, but don't know how


      If someone have any idea to fix it.





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          Devtron Level 3

          Can you provide an example of what's in the XML file?

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            Anthony Aymé Level 1

            Yes, no problem, here is my xml provider


            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

            <screen name="father_name" label="father_label">

            <member name="screen_name" label="screen_label" link="" fkmatrice="1" idmember="10500">

            <percent PC0="s:Group" PC1="label" PC2="text" PC3="7" PC4="141" PC5="id" PC6="/s:group" PC7="120" PC8="200"/>




            PC0 --> group


            PC1 --> text label object


            PC2 --> text textInput object


            PC3 --> maxChars textInput object


            PC4 --> maxWidth textInput object


            PC5 --> id textInput object


            PC6 --> </group>


            PC7 --> posX group


            PC8 --> poxY group