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    Adding to Tables in CS4


      I'm having some issues with adding to tables in my files. These are pre-existing files i'm being asked to edit, and there are no table or cell styles set up. I feel dumb asking this, as i'm sure it's a simple answer, but tables are one area of Indesign I haven't explored all that much.


      I have tables that look like this- here's a working and preview view sample:




      My issue is i'm having to insert new locations/dates into the tables- you can see where i've tried- but I can't get the formatting the same, with the two column setup with "Event Date" and then the course name. I can't just copy and paste a section of table- or at least any method I try doesn't work, I just end up pasting into a cell. There are no styles set up, and i'm not sure how to replicate exactly what's there. I'm not an Indesign newbie, but I am a newbie to using tables- my work just hasn't called for it much in the past. Help!? There's got to be a simple solution...