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    Publishing in Adobe Air Marketplace


      Hello everyone,

      I posted an offering on Air Marketplace and 24 days later  it's still showing as "Approved Pending" and not appearing in searches.

      Sent 2 emails to airmarketplace@adobe.com - no answer.

      I'm puzzled at this lack of feedback.

      Has anyone here had experience in this area?

      Thanks in advance


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          team_flatt Level 1

          Sometimes I wonder if there is anyone at Adobe who reads these posts or gives a ****.

          I realize you guys are busy making great products for us, but what about a little feedback??

          After all we're trying to write code using YOUR platform which I assume you're interested in promoting.

          So a little attention would not be bad for business, don't you think?

          My submission has been f;apping in the wind in "approved pending" state and not available for searches, for 27 days now.

          Nobody responds to my emails. Nobody responds to my posts.

          What am I supposed to do ?  Declare that you guys suck and switch to Java??