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    Dedicated Graphics Card Reqd PE7 or PE9?



      I am evaluating a new laptop.  I am a casual user of PE7.  It works reasonably well on my existing laptop which is 2 years old.  The new new PC that I am considering is a ASUS K53-E XB1.  It is a mid line performer but the price is only $549.  Win7 64bit home prem, i5 2410 processor, 6GB RAM, and 500GB (5400rpm) HDD, Intel HD Graphics.  I underestand the graphics not to be dedicated with its own RAM.  As a casual user, will this system work well with either PE7 or if I upgrage to PE9?  I could spend another $300 and get a 1GB graphics cards and a $640GB (7200rpm) HDD.  But if the gain will be negligible for some one who just fools around with home movies and does not game, perhaps not worth it.  Also with respect to PE7 vs PE9, will I notice any major increase in system resources required and is there any advantage to with respect to AVCHD video?  Just got a new Sony HX100v and that is the video format for that camera.  Many thanks.