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    B+N DRM Support?


      I understand taht B+N uses a different DRM scheme, so I can't currently read anyo fhteir books that are protected. When will ADE support the B+N DRM Scheme? (Seems like this should have been hammered out BEFORE B+N And Adobe got into bed together on the whole content management thing...)

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          I think you might be thinking of Amazon and Kindles when you say that you

          can't read any of their books.  ADE doesn't support Amazon epublications or

          the Kindle .  iTunes is the same with iPads and iPhones, and so is SONY. But

          all of the major players in electronic documentation agreed to certain

          formats. All of them support the .epub format in one way or another because

          Adobe Digital Editions has implemented provisions of the Digital Millenium

          Copyright Act of 2000.


          ADE has a leadership position in this market segment in part because Adobe's

          proprietary .pdf format has existed for a long time, while the .epub is

          relatively new.  In essence, all of this WAS 'hammered out' some years ago,

          before the ereader craze caught on. You can see the list of ereaders that

          ADE supports HERE.<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices>

          Remember, though, that ADE isn't the ONLY one doing this.  Bluefire and

          Overdrive also work with electronic documents.



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            No, I'm talking about B+N - the nook (in particular the new new touch screen nook). ADE can't open any books purchased at B+N that are DRM protected. This is a known problem, and ADobe is in the process of addressing it (supposedly). I was just woindering if they have a rough guess as to when they will support the B+N DRM model so that I can use ADE as a reader. The format is EPUB, but the DRM has a unique algorythm that ADE can't seem to deal with.


            As far as it being "Hammered out years ago" - this may be moderately true for PC-based file sharing (although there are many other file protection schemes that are commonly used as well), but never succesfully addressed the issues around ebooks and the selling/sharing/securing of them (nor was it meant to). Different application, different issues. New standards are evolving to address these issues, and adobe is well placed to become a leader, but in no way owns the market....