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    CFB2 - Real slow when just closing a file


      I am using the 60 day evaluation CFB2 standalone installation on an XP machine. I have RDS and a local server connected to the project. Question is: When I try to close a file (either by the red x or from the menu) it will take about 10 seconds for it to close. When I try to "close all" files with many (like 10) files open it would take over a minute or two to close.


      Any idea why this is happening? It is an everyday occurance, not just a one time issue.


      Thanks in advance!



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          mduey Level 1

          I have the same problem.  CFB2 on Win 7 64-bit.  I am linking to a remote server (on same LAN) for my files.  It's real slow opening and closing files through file view.  Navigation view is faster, but it bogs intermittantly.  Also, the code coloring is extremely slow and most of the time it does not complete coloring, I have to repeatedly click on areas of code to get them to color correctly.

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            Scot.Hershman Level 1

            I moved all my files to my local machine and have way better performance. I wonder why it would be that much slower on a network drive?

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              I had this problem with CF Builder being so extremely slow when closing files - here is what fixed it for me.

              1. Closed CF Builder
              2. Renamed the file workspace\.metadata\.plugins\com.adobe.ide.editor.cfml\foldings\foldings.data
              3. Started CF Builder


              The file got recreated. The issue was fixed.


              I am running the CF builder as eclipse plugin on Win7.


              Before finding this solution I would wait up to 30 seconds to close 1 file, and over 2 minutes to do "Close All" on about 10 files. Now, 1 file closes very quickly, and a "Close All" on 10 files takes 4-7 seconds. I renamed my old foldings.data file back, and then again it took forever to close files, so I am sure this was my issue. I don't know if that file had gotten corrupted, or exactly what caused the issue.


              Doing some testing, I saw the issue only happened with files with any tags (angle-brackets) in them, and with more than one line of content. Other files closed quickly. The only real significant difference I could see was the code-folding option that appears when you have a file with multiple lines that has tags in it. I think this foldings.data file has something to do with saving that information each time you close a file in the editor.

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                The tip from bpowers27 still works with cfb 2 today !!!