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    Comparing two images with Imaging Lingo

    Sandman_777 Level 1
      Hi everybody!

      Here's the deal: I have two grayscale images and I want to find out where they match the closest. I want to compute the difference between the two and find the spot with the least difference.

      So I copy one into the other with the #ink: 38 ("subtract") and wherever is the darkest spot the images are closest alike. Right? Wrong!

      When Director subtracts one color from the other and the result is below 0, Director adds another 256 so the result is always between 0 and 255. When I use "subtract pin" the result is almost completely black, so this doesn't help as well. I thought about simulation high dynamic range images with some stupid hacks but to no avail.

      Where am I thinking wrong? Can I compute the difference with Imaging Lingo? Any help is greatly appreciated.