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    How do I use Premiere Elements 9 to synch and mix 2 video feeds?


      I am trying to put together a wrestling television show using Premiere Elements 9. We use 2 different cameras, a stationary hard camera and a moving ring camera. In the past I have used an Avio system where I manually synched the 2 feeds and then I was able to drag and drop the ring camera feed on to the stationary hard camera.  How do I do this function using this software? Thanks!

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          Unfortunately, PrE does not have direct multi-cam functionality. PrPro does, allowing one to sync up to 4 cameras, and if you Nest Multi-camera Sequences, you can do more, though not quite so easily as with four.


          With PrE, it's probably easiest to place your main camera Clip(s) on Video Track 1, and edit that as needed. Then, bring in the second camera's Clip(s) onto Video Track 2, and reduce the Fixed Effect>Opacity to ~ 40 - 50%, so that you can "see through" them. Then, adjust those, Trimming, as desired, leaving gaps between them. When done, change the Effect>Opacity back to 100%. Transitions can then be applied, if desired, to the Head & Tail of each of those Video Track 2 Clips.


          So long as the footage from the two cameras is the same Frame Size, and also matches the Project's Preset Frame Size, nothing more needs to be done, as the footage on Video Track 2 will just visually replace any Frames on Video Track 1.


          If you do much multi-cam work, PrPro might be a great investment, as it's Multi-Camera feature will make life so very, very easy.


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          PS - it seems that a few months ago, there was another multi-cam question here, and that Steve Grisetti had a slightly different workflow, than the one that I described. I will post a link to that thread, if I can find it.