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    Color Change On Import/Export of Source Video




      I am very sorry if this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find it on the forums.

      I have noticed something that I can not explain. When I import source footage into AfterEffects, the color changes.

      So lets say for example I have a quicktime movie that I want to edit in AE. When I view the file outside of AE it displays one way,

      When I import that quicktime into a fresh comp, the color changes, ok so I deal with it, I keep working on it etc etc do some color corrections blahblahblah and then when I export it (even if I select preserve RBG) its changed... yet again. Is there something ridiculous Im missing? I want to be able to see LIVE actual real time color changes. Thank you so much for any help you guys can provide. (Also, Im no AE expert, so Im sure its something simple, thanks again!)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Is there something ridiculous Im missing?


          Yes: You have mistweaked your monitor color out of whack and no longer is even halfway close to a standard sRGB color model, which Adobe apps assume as their default color space. Could be anything from bad monitor profiles to overcranking monitor brightness and then madness ensues when you view stuff inside color managed environments (AE, PS etc.) vs. unmanaged. Only one sensible cause of action: Reset everything, recalibrate. And yes, of course check project color settings in AE and all that other CM stuff... In case of doubt leave them off/ at defaults.



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            This sounds like the same issue I had earlier this year, which i believe was a known bug with XDCAM footage which uses a 709 color space going between FCP and AE. are you using an XDCAM, Final Cut Pro and After Effects CS5? well then this is probably what you are seeing. and unfortunately there is no setting to tweak or monitor to calibrate, etc. of which I am aware. I also remember that there were other affected cameras and some video I/O devices but I don't remember which ones.


            AND unfortunately, when I was troubleshooting the issue back then, the only solution I found was to use ProRes, not XDCAM codec when you export your videos for AE out of FCP. I know it sucks, because the file sizes balloon quite a bit, but… anyway, try exporting to ProRes and see if that helps.


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              Eric_Var Level 1

              xha1 Camera is whats being used, then the footage Im using was exported out of FCP and then into AE, so yeah Im assuming a combo of what you both said is whats going on. Ok, well its fine nothing too crazy since I dont have those issues in FCP and I can just use that as a color corrector, but Ill deff try to get the AE color all straight using Myleniums suggestions. thanks a lot guys! If I ever get it all perfect Ill let you know