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    Date Chooser in Flex

      I am trying to set colors for individual days within the DateChooser control.
      I need to set different colors for different days. for example 1st 3rd and 10th to be green date box and 2nd 8th, 31st to be blue etc... etc...
      What my question is is there a way to programmatically set either the box background by either date or the grid location. Just a simple yes or no will suffice, I do not know much about actionscript, and I dont want to spend time to learn it if we cannot modify the properties of the control to that degree.
      Any ideas would be helpfull.

      Liam Coffey.
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          peterent Level 2
          That's not possible with the control as written. You'd have to do some fancy ActionScript.
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            What type of "fancy" AS? :D My idea is just you put in a date/dateRange and a styleName to adjust the "highlight" for that specific date. I've been looking at the DateChooser.as file but I don't see anywhere where it actually does the day highlighting (if you choose to showToday for instance). If anyone out there is able to show me what does the highlighting... I'll develop the component! :D