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    Device Not Authorizing - But Counts as Authorized


      Apparently I need to deauthorize a Sony  PRS-900 e-reader in order for it to be authorized - it was authorized in ADE, but refused content on the basis that it is not authorized. Going back in I am told that I have too many authorizations -   but it is counting the supposedly not authorized Sony as one of the authorizations!


      Tried to open a web claim, but it appears that web claims can no longer be entered, since after entering the claim I was told that I had no open cases. Nor is allowing me to either attempt to reenter that claim or start a new one.


      I had several e-readers (Kobo) that died - because they were damaged I could not deauthorize them. I still have a pair of functioning Kobo, but how do I deauthorize the nonfunctioning and unavailable devices? (They were returned under warranty.)


      Failing that, is there a way to deauthorize all my devices so I can reauthorizes the ones that function and the Sony - for a total of three. I am not otherwise going to deauthorize the functioning Kobo reader after the debacle with the Sony.


      As an aside - I am not currently best pleased with either Adobe or their system for handling support. The system present is just plain bad - awkward and apparently buggy to boot.