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    Problem with multiple Charts w/SeriesEffects.

    stratosnatcher Level 1
      I have four Charts. I've tried giving them the same or different data providers. There are 2 PlotCharts, and each has two series -- one with a SeriesZoom showDataEffect, and one with no showDataEffect. There are 2 ColumnCharts, each with one series with a SeriesInterpolate as the showDataEffect.

      If at any point I adjust the duration of any of the SeriesEffects (none of which are shared), it causes glitchy behavior for the other charts. I.e. the point bound to the animated series in the PlotChart simply doesn't show. Or, any changes in the number of Columns in the Column chart don't animated properly, leaving ghosts of the bars on the screen, or not putting all the new bars on the screen, until some event causes a refresh of the screen.

      Is it just me, or is this a bug?