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    Video Clips won't play

    novaboy5 Level 1

      Although Premiere 9 with all updates installed, worked fine a few weeks ago now none of the video clips will play.

      I imported a bunch of new clips without a problem but they won't play.  My computer is new with lots of memory.  The files are mpeg and the cam corder is a Panasonic HDC-TM60.  I thought perhaps it was these new clips, but my old projects load without a problem but they won't play either.  I just see the thumbnail.  There is no sound.  If I scroll, the clip moves so it is the clip and not just a still as I thought might be the problem.  Any ideas?



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          novaboy5 Level 1

          I seem to have solved this problem.  Premiere does not seem to like the MOTU audio interface I use for my song recording/composing.

          When I switched the sound playback to the internal onboard sound card I once again had sound and video.  Not sure why but I've got it working.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Glad that you have found the cause of the issue.


            Playback can be affected by either the Audio or the Video, and their respective settings.


            I do not know if it will let you use the MOTU interface, but many folk have had good luck with the installation of ASIO4All.


            Good luck,