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    Add or change topic status?

    Christian Breiholz Level 1



      I am pretty new to this community and maybe also not yet that familiar with RoboHelp 9, which I have been using recently. I have notice that in RoboHelp there is the option to change the topic status e.g. to Ready for Review etc.


      We are working in a small team of 3, often on  the same project using RoboSource. I'd like to use the topic status in order to track if an author or translator has completed all his task to make sure an follow-up author is aware that he can basically start with his tasks. I know there is the To Do list, but I didn't find as convenient reporting tools as for the topic status.


      My question is now, is there any option to add additional topic status or any chance to add the To Do List e.g. to the Topics List pod as column title? Maybe there is also a more practical way to achieve the same result.


      Thanks for your help!