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    Suggestions on creating a data visualization solution


      Hello All,


      A website provides to its surfers some data (statistics actually) in form of .xls documents.The data is actually some stats like say in one excel that covers one social welfare scheme you would have one row for a state/region of a country and different columns like Total money allocated by the federal govt, TM sanctioned by a regional govt, Money allocated to a city authority , money that actually went to the end user..  stuff like that. The columns run to many in some cases and there is different kinds of such data.


      After I came in touch with this data I realised that the hard work done by the guys who gathered this data, gets ignored because of not so friendly data format. The end user is supposed to crunch numbers and that too after labouring between the excel cells. I am thinking of some way in which this data could be made more presentable. I was suggested by a developer friend to check if flex could be used and thats how I arrived here.


      I myself work on Linux based systems and have also coded in Perl. I can't pay for the licensed version of Flex with IDE so I will go for SDK.

      Could you guys could tell me if flex would be the right choice for the this kind of problem,  in which case I would dig further to study Flex and AS.


      Suggestion and comments are more than welcome