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    adobe digital doesn't recognize & offer to authorize

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          I have a nook and one ipod that the adobe program will transfer to.  When I open adobe with my sons ipod touch it does not offer to recognize or authorize it.  That part of the program does not open (wizard - i think).  How do I get it to recognize this device so i can transfer to it?

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          Sorry - Adobe does not support iPods.

          HERE<http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> is

          a list of supported devices.



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            There are some apps for Apple iOS devices that do support Adobe DRM ebooks. Bluefire Reader is one of these apps. They have a web page with instructions on how to get library books onto Bluefire. http://www.bluefirereader.com/help/libraryBooks.html The procedure for these library books would be the same that you would use for Adobe ebooks purchased from other only stores that sell Adobe DRM ebooks. Just make sure to authorize the app with the exact same Adobe ID that you used for Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

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              I'm sorry, but this is confusing to me.


              If you're trying to put ebooks on an Apple device that ADE does not support,

              then you can use Bluefire.  However, authorizing the devices with Bluefire

              is different from Adobe, so you would need to change the ID....



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                I think your confusion is due to the fact that you are stuck on the idea of Adobe Digital Editions, the program itself. The truth is that you can use ebooks with Adobe DRM on any device or app that supports Adobe's ADEPT DRM for ebooks. In fact, Adobe allows you to use the same Adobe ID on up to 6 copies of Adobe Digital Editions (on 6 comptuers) AND on up to 6 other devices or apps. Bluefire has licensed the technology from Adobe to make sure that ebooks with Adobe ID work in Bluefire.


                So Adobe Digital Editions is one of the places where you can use your ebook but Bluefire Reader (if authorized with the same Adobe ID) is another place you can use the same ebooks. Also there is the app "OverDrive Media Console" for iPad that downloads library books from your local library if they offer this service. It also uses your Adobe ID.


                With Bluefire Reader:

                1. first make sure your computer has Adobe Digital Editions and is authorized with your Adobe ID

                2. download Bluefire Reader on your iPad from the App Store and authorize it with the SAME Adobe ID

                3. download your ebook to your computer with Adobe Digital Editions if you haven't already done so

                4. Plugin your iPad to your computer and open iTunes and go to the iPad device and then the Apps tab and scroll down and look for the "Sharing"

                5. you can then tell iTunes and Bluefire where the PDF or EPUB file is saved on your computer, probably in your "My Digital Editions" folder, and it will then upload it to the iPad and you can read it in Bluefire Reader.


                Here's a link from Bluefire, with pictures, about how to do this with a library ebook but the instructions would be similar for purchased ebooks from Google ebookstore or Sony Store, etc.


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                  How do you get iTunes to recognize an app for sharing?  I have overdrive on my ipad2 but I can't get iTunes to recognize it as an app that can share files between my computer and my ipad.

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                    Download the Bluefire reader.  It is a free app and allows you to read the Adobe PDF DRM books.


                    Just load it onto your IPAD and Itunes and use the file sharing in ITunes to add your ebooks.


                    It is easy and it works.

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                      Hope someone will answer this post.

                      I have the Kobo Vox and Kobo Arc and ADE worked on both of them until recently I had to replace the ARC and keep getting this error message when I try to authorize ADE on the new reader.


                      AUTHORIZATION FAILED

                      Your Adobe account has not been authorized on this device. Please check your username and password and try again.


                      As I am writing this, it's the same username and pword I've used to log on to this forum. the same un and pwd opens ADE on my desktop--so what's wrong with it not working on Bluefire?

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                        Just answered a similar post, so same answer here.  I'm afraid I'nm not at all wure it is right, thought ...



                        It's possible that you have reached your authorization limit (6 devices), and that it is giving the wrong error message.

                        You could try contacting Adobe and getting your authorizations reset, but then you will have to reauthorize all other devices.


                        Adobe Live Chat: http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html



                        Another possibility is that there is some password or userid case sensitivity issue that the Bluefire app is getting wrong.

                        I have a vague memory that someone had a similar issue on the iPad, maybe with Bluefire.


                        You could try installing Overdrive or Aldiko and authorizing that.

                        I think the authorization is done by the app but is for the device, so probably if that works, then Bluefire will work.

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                          SIMPLE STEPS

                          1.DOWNLOAD BLUEFIRE READER ON IPAD

                          2.GO TO APPS TAB IN ITUNES OF UR COMPUETER

                          3.SCROLL BELOW..FILE SHARING

                          4.SELECT BLUEFIRE FROM LIST..

                          5.ON RIGHT HAND SIDE ..GO TO ADD..SELECT THAT ADE EPUB FILE..

                          THATS IT..

                          (ADE FILE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED FROM NET WILL BE THERE IN "My Digital Editions" FOLDER IN YOUR PC)

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                            I hope this helps someone else out but I recently came accross the Adobe Digital Editions app within the app store and downloaded it to my iPad. At first I was pulling my hair out trying to sync ebooks across using the Adobe DE application on my macbook and it was not recognising it no matter what I did. This in itself is the issue, this method might work for Kindles, Kobos and other electronic book readers but it will not work for Apple devices.


                            What Apple fail to mention is that you need to transfer content across using the iTunes library (like music and video media). First of all, get the location of your ebook on your computer (you can right click on it in the DE library and get item info). Then open up iTunes and get to your apps area, select the Adobe DE app.


                            Then scroll down to the bottom and look for the "Add button". Then go looking for the location on your computer with the ebook file is (you should have got this information from the Adobe DE application on your computer). You add the ebook and then hit the "sync" button.




                            Not very clear on Adobe and Apple's part but there you go.