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    Form scripting. please help!


      In my form design I have a sub form which has a checkbox (CheckBox1). When checked (I am able to figure out how this is done) I would like to display the caption text of the checkbox in a TextField in the main form area. The subform will then be hidden.


      My problem is how do I access the caption string in LC ES.


      Here is how far I have gotten so far:


      //var chkBoxText = CheckBox1.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('label');



      var boxname = CheckBox1.caption.value;


      if (CheckBox1.rawValue == true){



      = boxname;


      else {


      = "Dosen't Work";



      = "invisible"


      The commented out area is for javascript but dosen't seem to work in LC.


      I am New to both Javascript and Livecycle.


      Any help would be appreciated.