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    Loaded Module as an Itemrenderer??

    Miguel Ele Barco

      I have split up my application into modules that load at runtime as required. Great, but I need also an Itemrenderer for a Tilelist to be dynamically loaded.


      It is just a simple canvas, but there are many design options so I have made a lot of different modules to be used as itemrenderers. The selected one depends on preferences loaded at runtime.


      - To load other Modules I use ModuleManager.getModule() and when loaded I use them as DisplayObject.


      - For dynamic Itemrenderers at runtime I use tilelist.itemRenderer = new ClassFactory(module)



      But I cant "link" or "convert" between DisplayObject and ClassFactory.




      I am really on a weekend hurry because I thought about this as a simple thing, but I cant make it work. Any help will be appreciated.