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    Graphic card minimum requirements


      Hi there,


      I am planning to get CS5, and I want to know if I can run it on:

      - a netbook with Intel Graphic 256 shared or

      - AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphic card?

      Which one is better???


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          The biggest problem with an embedded Intel graphics chip is the lack of driver support. This can create many problems. An nVidia, or ATI chip would be much better, due to the driver support.


          Two additional things to consider will be the shared RAM. That cuts into how much you will have for the OS and for PS. Next, PS has a minimum display resolution. Does the NetBook meet that minimum? If not, then issues WILL arise, and especially with the PS GUI. You will not be able to see some necessary Panels.


          Good luck,



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            explorerdxb Level 1

            Thanks Bill for your informative answer. I am looking to buy a small Sony Y series netbook which has 384 MB dedicated memory for the AMD Radeon graphic card. I should have no problem running PS on my regular laptop, the trial at least works fine there. It's just that I need a smaller machine to carry around when traveling, in particular when I am on safari hunting for wildlife pics. I guess I will just try and see, worst case I have to take my bigger laptop...



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              I am totally unfamiliar with the NetBooks, so cannot comment directly.


              I would carefully go over the PS Minimum System Requirements, vs the specs. of the NetBook. As mentioned, pay specail attention to the screen resolution. You do not want to be under that, even by a little bit. Check that carefully.


              Good luck, and hope that the NetBook works for you. I understand smaller laptops, as my Sager is portable, BUT that is about where it ends - large, heavy, and with a very short battery life. However, I mainly use it attached to AC on the patio or deck, so it's not a real problem for me.