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    NEW FEATURE: Redirect after Submit

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      We just released the Redirect after Submit feature on Friday (6/24/11). This has been a very commonly asked for feature. The problem is this - how do I get the respondent back to my website once they successfully filled out the form. Currently the respondent ends on the confirmation page and has to manually navigate back to your website - which is far from optimal.


      This feature is part of the Basic and Plus plans; and it can be found on the "Options" tab under the "Redirect URL" section. This option will work on previously created forms as well as new forms.


      Here is what the UI looks like:

      Redirect - Authoring.PNG

      You have two redirect options:

      1. Redirect back to the first page of the form - Why would you ever want to do that?? If respondents are filling the form out in person (like an event registration) at a kiosk-like computer or tablet then this feature allows you to automatically redirect back to the beginning of the form (and it will be empty) so the next person in line can fill it out.
      2. Redirect to a specific URL - Type in the URL to the website you want to redirect and set the amount of time the user sees the confirmation page (the minimum time is 5 seconds).


      Now when the user Submits the data the confirmation page will look something like this:

      Redirect - respondent.PNG

      After 5 seconds it will automatically redirect back to your website or to the beginning of the form depending on the option you chose.




      Randy Swineford

      FormsCentral product manager


      (Randy Swineford, 12/20/2011) Updated description to include new option

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          Vince Re Level 1

          I'm new to FormsCentral, so forgive me if this is a dumb newbie question...


          I understand the redirect idea, but I'm curious as to whether the target page has a way to access the data entered by the user on the form.


          For instance, could I have a form that (say) asks the user to rate a service, redirect him to my site, and then understand whether the user rated my service one star (which might trigger follow-up of some sort) or four stars (which might trigger a "thank you" message)?



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            RandySwineford Adobe Employee

            We currently do not support passing data from the form back into the redirected website. Thanks for your feedback.


            If you would like people to vote on your idea or have other ideas please post them within the idea section of the forum: http://forums.adobe.com/community/formscentral?view=idea

            That really helps me understand the popularity of a feature request.



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              rsn023 Level 1

              Why can't this be done in PDF Forms?  I have a PDF Form created that looks just like the IL CRT-61 tax form and everything works great, EXCEPT for the fact that I cannot direct the user to a particular webpage after they hit the submit button on the form.


              I have tried converting the PDF Form to a Web Form, but the process in Acrobat Pro XI completely ruins the form.  I have tried ALL the available options in converting the form, no go.


              This form is to be embedded into my website and when a user hits submit, he should be automatically taken to a particular webpage, that I specify.  I don't see why this isn't possible in a PDF Form?

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                George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                The difference is web forms are used in browsers and PDF forms are often not. Web servers have always been able to return a redirect response that causes the browser to load the specified URL. Most PDF viewers don't know what to do with such a response, but Adobe Reader/Acrobat do know what to do with an FDF response, which is what FormsCentral returns and results in the popup message that you see. PDF forms can be loaded in a browser or directly in Reader/Acrobat or non-Adobe PDF viewer, but in both cases the viewer doesn't know what to do with an HTML redirect response from a web server. This is outside of the control of FormsCentral so it would require a change in the way Reader/Acrobat behaves.


                There is a technique that can be used in PDF viewers that support the app.launchURL JavaScript method (http://livedocs.adobe.com/acrobat_sdk/11/Acrobat11_HTMLHelp/JS_API_AcroJS.89.155.html) and loading form data or triggering JavaScript returned in an FDF, but this method isn't currently supported in the mobile versions of Adobe Reader, so it would only be a partial solution even if FormsCentral were to return the appropriate FDF response.

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                  rsn023 Level 1

                  Ok, thanks for the explanation.  I was just going to put the PDF Form on my website and not distribute via email or any other way, so the PDF Form would be opened in the Adobe Reader plugin of a browser, thus redirecting to a URL would work. Still don't understand why Adobe is blocking redirects for the PDF Form, especially when a short javascript code can be added to the end of the Submit button's javascript and it would be taken care of.  BUT, after reviewing the Web Form maker on FormsCentral, I guess I am going to have to settle for being "typical" and use the Web Form instead of the what-I-thought-was-gonna-be-cool PDF Form.


                  Thanks for answering my questions, I do appreciate that, George. 

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                    George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Even if you place the PDF on your web site, there is no guarantee that every user will have their browser configured to display PDFs in Reader in the browser, or that Reader is even installed. What JavaScript code are you referring to? It's not accurate to say that "Adobe is blocking redirects".


                    You could always add a separate button to the PDF that uses the app.launchURL method to open the page you want in the default browser. You could add instructions to press it in the popup that the user sees, but such a button won't work on mobile devices and most non-Adobe PDF viewers.

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                      rsn023 Level 1

                      Wow, so I made a web form, instead of the PDF Form, which I am quite happy with...EXCEPT, I cannot figure out how to move the submit button on the Web Form.


                      I used a template to create the Web Form, is that why the Submit button is on the left-side of the form?  I want the submit button on the right-side of the page.  I cannot figure out how to do it.  I've clicked on the button, and tried to choose the Right Justified icon at the top of the Web Form tools, no go.  I've tried right-clicking on the button - nothing.  I even looked in the Options Tab of FormsCentral, like where it asks you where to put the Submit button when using a PDF Form.  Why isn't this option there?  Wow.  I am amazed that Adobe has released such a poorly thought-out product.  :/


                      Can you tell me how to place the Submit button on the lower right hand side of my Web Form?