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    xml source


      Hello all,


      I am building an index page that will need to be replicated for different sites.  We want to use the same layout for the main page but the menu will all be different.  I created an XML file that contains the menu and put it into my src folder.


      I was hopping that once i release the build, I can simple copy the index folder(containers the release built) and paste it to any new web server and just edit the xml.  The problem is that I can't see the xml file anywhere.  I guess when they build the project, they put everything inside the swf.


      So my question is, is there a way to point my xml source to look at the main directory which in this case the index folder of the release build for the xml source and when anyone copy the folder to a different location, it will look at the index folder in that new location for the xml file to generate the menu.


      I hope this make sense, any help is appreciated.