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    WAB - Work Area Bar - What's That?

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      We get a lot of questions on the WAB (the Work Area Bar) in all versions of Premiere. Many of those questions come when someone has accidentally reset the WAB, and cannot find out why parts of their Timeline are not Rendering, or maybe Exporting. Though there are some subtle differences between versions, it basically works the same way.


      It can be used for several functions:



      • It can limit the area of a Timeline, that is Rendered
      • It can limit the area of a Timeline, that is Exported, with most Export/Share formats
      • It can act as a ruler to tell you how long, say 4 Clips, plus two partial Clips will be - useful for things like adding music to just part of the Timeline



      It has some dynamic features, and Stan Arthur covers many of them in his TUTORIAL on using the WAB. His example is done in PrPro CS 5/5.5, but the functions are almost identical in earlier versions of PrPro and also PrE.


      As Stan did not cover using the WAB as a "ruler" I have added an image showing how to access that function - just hover the cursor over the little box in the middle of the WAB and read the info shown. I find this particularly useful, when I need to know exactly what Duration I need for a particular part of the Timeline, when doing a SmartSound music piece.


      Hope that this helps answer the questions on the WAB.