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    XML import issues in CS5.5, but not CS5...

    Lord Bullingdon

      Hi guys,


      I'm currently using the Production Premium CS5.5, and have been trying to import an XML from Final Cut Pro 7 into Premiere.  The issue is that none of my audio tracks appear in the sequence, nor any video tracks aside from my 2 main tracks.


      This isn't a problem in the previous version (CS5), as I can import the same XML and all my audio tracks, etc. show up in the sequence.


      Since I just started playing with CS5.5, I'm wondering if there's something I don't have set up properly?  Is there a conflict w/ having CS5 and 5.5 installed?  Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?


      Thanks for the response, if you got it.  I really really appreciate it.