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    Update without clear cache


      i was developed a script using flex and the changes in code only are seen when clear navigator cache and refresh the page. There are one method for this it automatically, without do it?


      The idea is the user can see the changes without clear the cache of navigator manually.

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          This is a common problem - you don't have to just worry about a user's browser cache, but all the transparent caching that goes on over the internet behind the scenes in a live environment.  (eg, your ISP likely caches a lot of http-delivered data themselves).


          The only surefire way around this I know of is to be sure to change the *resource* part of your URL (the actual path to your SWFs, etc) every time you update.  Yes, you'll basically be uploading version directories every single time, and all your links will need to change every time you update.  (If you're on a large site, you'll probably want to automate this).


          One alternative is to append changing query-like parameters to your URLs (eg, http://somewhere/foo.swf?t=200) where that parameter is always changing, but that isn't nearly as reliable - we only do that in local development mode, where we set our browser caches to 0 and everything to always reset.