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    Adding text with animation preset

    jvmonteiro Level 1

      Hi Friends,


      My question may sound a little dumb to you but here it goes: To add text to my movie, do I have to create a new layer for each paragraph or sentence I write?

      My point is: I have this little movie which I need to describe with captions (I've added the animation preset that simulates a type writer) and that's all ok but my doubt is: As the text needs to go on in time (describing the action) do I need to create new layers for each sentence I write or do I edit the same layer in time?


      Also I'd like all of the text to have that same typing effect, do I have to apply it over and over again to each layer with a new sentence?


      That doesn't look like a very efficient thing to do and that's where I would kindly ask you to point me some different direction.





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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You can animate the Source Text property, but I don't think that that will be any more efficient than having separate layers for each sentence---especially because you're animating each with an animation preset.


          So, I think that the way that you describe that you're currently doing it is the best way.

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            jvmonteiro Level 1

            Hi Todd


            Thanks for your post. More important than the animation aspect is, for me, the method for adding the text along the clip. So, what you tell me is that I should add as many layers as necessary for the length of my text right?


            You see, for someone entering this area of animation, video or anything that is not still for that matter, the most confusing part is always the time and the way by which visual components interact with it.


            Thanks once more, I'll go that way.