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    Custom EPUB with inline (Table) image & text rendering issue


      In general I like ADE as it loads even large EPUB file really quick.  Furthermore, on my Android device there are couple major epub reader apps that use ADE engine.


      Now there is one major issue though.  That is when a EPUB file contains Table with images and text, there is major rendering issue that text goes over the image, or image gets truncated etc.


      Do any of you noticed the same issue?  If so, do we know that ADOBE is aware of it and hopefully on track of fixing this?


      Thank you

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          This can happen when the file is actually an ADE pdf format. some of these will load in "epub readers" that allow ADE DRM, which then make some (usually unsucessfull) attempt to covert to epub on the wing, and display... at which time you get what you report. Not certain this is your issue, but this problem does show up that way.


          we have had luck viewing ADE pdfs with DRM using apps from BlueFire and from txtr. maybe there are others.


          If the file is a true epub format and has passed the epub certification test it should show up properly even with graphics and tables and DRM.... at least i am hoping that is true, since it is a great deal of work to make nice looking ebooks with graphics and tables etc that meet the true epub criteria.