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    Unlinking multiple Video/audio clips

    ExactImage Level 3

      Coming from FCP I'm used to doing certain things as part of the workflow.   One of these is being able to link / unlink multiple video/audio clips at the same time to that I can selectively delete or disable the audio if I'm running a second audio recorder or perhaps mixing a backing track.


      In PPro it seems like as soon as I select more than one clip the 'Unlink' option is grayed.    How can I select (say) 10 clips, unlink the audio from the video so that I can delete or disable it.   The reason for disable is that I may want the ambient sounds later on in the mix, but if I disable this audio without unlinking I also disable the video.


      I don't want to keep moving stuff on to more and more audio tracks and then have to mute the track, that's time consuming and a pain.   All I want to do it unlink multiple clips.


      This can't be that hard can it ?