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    bd in a cd'rom

    armandix Level 1

      I'm trying to develop an application for a client in flash.

      It is a catalog on CD, the customer wants a possibility to modify the elements of the catalog for the purpose of the recording again and after

      this record a cd give to customers.

      Is it possible to make a database work within the CD? So that way I could use flash + xml + php + mysql.

      So the database would work within the CD as a weighted connection queries client.

      As the manager of the articles could change them on the her pc, in order to burn 20 or 1000  cd's with the modification, and distribute them with the

      changes made.

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          To use the PHP you'll need access to a server. Perhaps this may help:


          But you seem to be throwing a lot of things at the CD...

          must contain all the catalog content, images, text, pages for layout etc.

          must also contain a server to run the PHP

          must contain the PHP and MySQL databases

          must be re-writeable (if it is to be modified and then saved again)

          A CD only has about 700MB of storage... maybe that's enough for everything listed about but perhaps not.

          Using a re-writeable DVD data disk would give you 6+ times the data storage... but again, you'll need a re-writeable, and that out need to be compatable with your clients machine if you want everything to be self contained.

          Best of luck!