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    Error: java.io.EOFException


      I'm running Windows XP on a laptop. I installed wamp server 2.1 (compising php 5.3.5, apache 2.2.17 and mySQL 5.5.8) and Flash Builder 4. I'm now learning to connect data to a mySQL database (called mySQLdatabase) which I set up using myPHPadmin.

      After creating a new Flex 4 project, based on PHP server tehnology in Flash builder I selected,

      Data > connect to Data/Service > PHP > next > click here to generate sample PHP

      then filled out the service generator form as follows:


      Username: root


      Host name: localhost

      Server Port: 80

      Database: mydatabase


      I clicked 'Connect to Database' to generate a PHP class file and got this error message:


      unable to connect to database, using specified connection information:



      It's left me scratching my head! I've checked my database info (which is fairly standard: Username, Password, Host name, localhost, Server Port and Database name) and it all checks out! I just can't figure out what's wrong!!


      I thought it might be folder permissions where my WAMP softwares installed. I checked the security settings there too, and made sure everything was set to full control.  That didnt work.


      I wonder if anyone can tell me how to resolve the problem?