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    NEW FEATURE: Page Skip Logic (aka Page Branching)

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      Redirect after submit wasn't the only feature we added in our Friday (6/24/11) release - we also added the ability to skip over pages based on the respondent's answers to questions. The was one of the most requested features on the forum and e-mail feedback. Currently respondents have to see all questions even if some of them do not apply to them. This causes you to add text to your form that says "If you answered yes to the last question then answer this question otherwise skip it" - this of course puts a big burden on the respondent.


      So now, if you have the Basic or Plus plans, you can add rules to your page breaks that allow non-relevant questions to be skipped. Let me give you an example - Let's pretend we want to create a registration form. For everyone registering I want to collect their name, address, registration type, and session they want to attend. For those that choose speaker as their registration type I need to collect some additional info about them. Also, premier and speaker registration types are provided meals so I need to ask them what type of meal they want. Here is a diagram that illustrates the branching:

      Page branching diagram.png

      Click on images to see larger views


      When using page skip logic its best to create all of your pages and questions first then setup up the rules. This is because when setting up the rules you need to reference the questions and pages.


      So first, I would click on the page break between page 1 and 2. You'll see a Navigate to Page option, check the box:

      Page branching - forum author 1.png

      Checking the box will bring up a dialog to define the rules. So for all of the registration types that are not speaker or premier we will go to page 4. For speakers we will go to page 2 (and then complete all pages); for premier we will go to page 3 (skip speaker info page and only ask for meal options). Here is what the completed dialog would look like:

      Page branching - forum author 2.png

      And that's it - now respondents will only see the questions that they absolutely need to answer.


      This works with the forms you've already created as well as new ones.


      You can also watch this video to see how it works first hand:


      Try it out and give us your feedback!


      Randy Swineford

      FormsCentral product manager


      Added video to post (Randy Swineford)