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    how to set up a series of field validations at save or print


      I have a decklist form that will have user rights so the end user can enter in data and save the form.  I want to run a series of validations when the users tries to save or print so they would not be able to do either until the validations all get corrected. for example I have the side deck (see below).  I want to verify each card name cell (the larger) one that is not null has a matching number cell (the smaller one) that is not null.  I also want to verify the total is between 0 and 15.  There are several of these checks I want to run but I think if someone can get me started with the proper code for these two and how to run them so the validation must be correct in order to print or save, I can then set it up on all the other areas I want to validate.


      Thank you for your help




      Side Deck.jpg