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    Place all your text frames into one whole frame with Textstitch

    Tag Design

      Hi all


      Recently I was experiencing difficulties placing separate frames into one text frame.  A while ago I was told that this couldn't be done.


      I have been working on a catalogue containing 300+ records.  Once I had completed a data merge,  each record showed up in a separate text frame.  I tried many ways to fix this problem but to no avail.


      I stumbled across 'Textstitch' (Peter Speir from Adobe Forum has provided an abundance of information for this plugin.)


      This little piece of software designed by Kris Coppieters is fantastic for stitching up text in each text frame to become one story.  You can download it from here:



      However, there was one more thing I needed to do and that was place ALL of the text into ONE frame only.  The way to do this is to do a 'find and replace' in Indesign and in the find field type ^R and in the replace field type ^p. (Make sure that R is uppercase and p is lowercase.)  And voila, all the text is now in one text frame and one story.  Now I'm certainly no Indesign Guru and I would not have thought about this unless Kris had helped me.


      Kris' blog if you are interested, is here http://rorohiko.blogspot.com/.  He provides many helpful tips on Indesign.


      Good luck!