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    Altering the composition duration and sub-compositions

    Mahsage Level 1

      I have a composition with several compositions in it and so on. And I need to make it longer, but when I change the duration of the top composition in the project panel it doesn't change any of the compositions within it, is there an easy way to change them all?


      Also I'm working with a big Photoshop file in AE, with several groups/layers, is there a way to get AE to update the original import, or am I stuck reimporting the whole thing to get the new layers every time I add to it?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          For the duration stuff check this: rd: CompSetter. As for updating your stuff - AE does not retain any structure info on layered PSDs or such (for the msot part simpyl since neither PS nor AI care for providing unique layer IDs that woulkd allow it to begin with). It's just a one time import process with the added convenience of AE organizing it for you, that's all. if you must add more layers, the easiest way would be to import the full document a second time as a composition and then copy&paste the missing layers to the parts you already have done. You can then always delete the redundant duplicates from the import and reorganize your project as needed...



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you add layers to a Photoshop comp they will not update when you reload the footage. Replacing footage may or may not work. The easiest thing to do, other than planning ahead, is to simply rename your photoshop composition, then open it as a composition. Now delete all the layers that you've already animated and then copy all of the layers from the original composition and paste them in the new one or copy only the new layers from your new PSD file and paste them in the existing composition.


            When you're finished with your project then you can delete the unused compositions and use the collect files feature to clean out the mess.


            I hate to admit that I've had to do this more than once. It only takes a few moments and could have easily been avoided by more carefully planning my composition in the first place.


            There's also nothing wrong with simply making a new psd file that contains the required new layers an bringing that in as a separate file.

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              Mahsage Level 1

              Amazing Mylenium! A plug-in just a few months old that does exactly what I was looking for, you know if you didn't post here I may have never found an easy solution to that problem. If Adobe doesn't pay you for all the help you give people here they should start!

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8



                The script that Mylenium pointed out to you is recommended in the After Effects Help section about composition settings. You'll find that very often the Help document includes such information.


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