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    FLash Builder WTP Cannot be used


      Dear all,


      first I upgrade from FB 4 to FB 4.5 => I had a problem, I was not able to create any Dynamic Web Project or combined Java/Flex using WTP

      It systematically failed.



      Thus I decided to uninstall it and to reinstall from a fresh new download.

      now it is worst !


      No combined Java/Flex option are available.

      No Dynamic web project possibility

      No server view




      I uninstall and install three times.


      Please, is someone could give me any advises ?


      thanks per advance

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          Shylendra H V

          Which version of Eclipse JEE are you using? Supported version is Eclipse Helios JEE SR1.


          Steps to configure -


          1. Install Eclipse Helios JEE SR1

          2. Install Flash Builder 4.5

          3. Run 'Flash Builder 4.5 Plug-in Utility' (you can find it under 'utilities' folder) to configure FB to run as plugin on top of Eclipse Helios JEE SR1



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            I had been using Master Collection CS5 which included Flash Builder. It was working fine win WTP for java development.

            I updgrade to Master Collection CS5.5 which includes Flash Builder 4.5. Now I can't install WTP.

            It seem that many people has having this problem with no aparently solution.

            I don't want to install Eclipse. I wan to use what comes with Master Collection CS5 which is what I pay for.

            So, what is the solution for this problem? What problem? I wan to be hable to instal WTP on Flash Builder 4.5 and use it like it was before.