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    CS5.5 Output module properties not working for iPhone 4 camera roll


      I tried matching my render queue to Quicktime properties so i can export video to my iPhone 4's camera roll... they match, but don't transfer.



      This is what QuickTime shows me in playable files I Export from QuickTime Player's Export feature.

      They are playable by QuickTime but are unable to transfer to my iPhone.


      Compression: H.264
      Quality: High
      Frame Rate: 29.97
      Key frame rate: 24

      Frame Reordering: yes

      Encoding mode : multi-pass

      Dimensions: 1280x720



      Format: AAC
      Sample rate: 44.100 kHz

      Channels: Stereo (L R)
      Bit Rate: 128 kbps


      But when I try to try put these into my After Effects Output Module... and try to import it via iTunes, it says it is unplayable, please tell me what I'm doing


      These are the Settings for the Render Queue

      Render Settings: Best Settings
      Output Module: QuickTime 720p HD (Custom)
      Output to: filename.mov


      QuickTime 720p HD (Custom) properties


      Format: QuickTime

      Post Render Action: None


      Video Output (checked)
      Channels: RGB
      Depth: Millions of Colors
      Color: Premultiplied (Matted)


      [Format Options] [menu]

      Video Codec : H.264

      Advanced Settings
      Checked both : key frame every {24} Settings ; Frame Reordering


      Audio Output (checked)

      44.100 kHz Stereo [AAC]


      Please help me out. Thanks so much