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    Frame by Frame Scrubbing with Blackmagic Decklink?

    Cliffs71 Level 1

      Hey guys,

      Just as many others this week, I'm making a full transition from Final Cut Pro to Premiere Pro CS5.5.


      I've looked around for nearly two days now and haven't been able to find an answer. Here's my issue and I'm praying there's a way to set this correctly.


      I'm on late 2009 Mac Pro dual quad-core with the NVidia GeForce GT120 card with 12GB of RAM and a Blackmagic Decklink HD Extreme 2. The NVidia is running out to the standard monitor and the Blackmagic is running HDMI out to a 32" Sony HD monitor. Audio is running from the Blackmagic left and right analog outs to a pair of studio monitors.


      I generally cut documentary and behind the scenes work and, as such, a typical way I cut is that I use the preview/source window to set my in and out points and then drag the set clip into the timeline (not too unusual), but I like to use the audio scrubbing to find the break between words (sometimes also having to insert words from elsewhere in the interview to "construct" the complete sentence). So frame accuracy with audio is a big part of my editorial process. So when creating a Blackmagic sequence with my XDCAM EX 1080p24 footage I'm having trouble figuring out playback to get frame by frame scrubbing to work consistently.


      If I go into the Premiere Pro preferences and select "Blackmagic Design Playback," when I go to my project I can see the video played through my HDMI and hear the audio from the external speakers, but I can't get frame by frame forward or backward audio scrubbing. If I switch over to Adobe Player in the 'Player Settings' of the Premiere Pro preferences, I can now get frame by frame scrubbing in the source window, but no video through HDMI and I can get video through HDMI from the timeline but no frame by frame scrubbing from the timeline. Additionally, forward or reverse using 'L' or "J' with "Blackmagic Design Playback" is pretty bad as it sounds like the audio is racing through, but the video looks to be moving at almost real time pace. Using "Adobe Player" doesn't have this slow glitching.


      Is anyone able to do frame by frame scubbing in both windows while getting their video out from both source and Timeline via HDMI? In Final Cut, frame by frame movement using the left or right arrow would give you scrubbing from either and it seems odd to me that Premiere Pro isn't doing it. I was thinking about moving over to the Matrox Mini, but I don't want to go that route if frame by frame scrubbing in all windows isn't available on that either.


      Thanks in advance.