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    CSXSInterface: Call to jsx-function with a xml-string as parameter?

    Joerg Stahlmann


      for me CSXSInterface did work pretty good so far with all parameters and SyncResults.

      Now i am doing some xml operations with actionscript 3 and photoshop scripting. I'm able to return a xml file from a javascript function to actionscript3 and do all sorts of operations with it. Somehow i cant manage to call a jsx-function with the xml-string as a parameter? Anybody got a solution for that?

      Here's what i've tried:



      var xmlStr:String = _myXml.toXMLString(); // I tried _myXml.toString() too but it didnt work either ;-(
      CSXSInterface.instance.evalScript("xmlFunction", xmlStr);


      thx in advance!