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    Flash 8 Video Game Workshop

      If you are in or near the Los Angeles area, consider yourself lucky to be a part of this unique 2 day workshop.

      Flash 8 Video Game Development
      November 11th and 12th, 2006

      This workshop will cover everything including Video game history with a relevance to today's Flash gaming, video game theory, a Flash Development Overview, Flash Game Development (handling inputs, visuals, sounds, etc...), and an overview of alternative development technologies; *AS3*, FDT, Flash 8 Imaging, Flex 2, MTASC, and Mobile.

      Read more: http://richmediainstitute.com/training/gaming/

      See how to develop real-time arcade-style games with collision-detection, trigonometry, artificial intelligence, and more! All at the Rich Media Institute in Venice, California!