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    Deleting unused files


      Using RH8 and I'd like to delete unused files to perhaps make the project open faster. Here's what Adobe Help says to do:

      Unused files report

      Use this report (Tools > Reports > Unused Files) to view unused files in one place. You can sort by filename or file type by selecting from the Sort By menu.

      You cannot remove these files from within your project. Use Windows Explorer to delete the files.
      Important: Before you delete files, make a backup copy of the project in case you need to revert changes.
      Note: Avoid using Windows Explorer or your version-control application to remove files. The Project Manager cannot update file references. This results in broken links, missing images in topics, and so on.
      As you can see, Adobe recommends using WE to delete the files but later in the NOTE section says NOT to use WE to delete files. Perhaps there is a typo here?
      Can anyone help?