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    Still image sizes in Premiere Pro CS5.5

    Kurt Lang Level 1

      I've been looking for quite a while on Adobe's help pages, these forums, and also the PDF manual, but can't find the info I'm looking for.


      I'm moving from Final Cut Studio to the Adobe suite of video production for various reasons. I've purchased (though not yet received) the Production Premium upgrade. I have a new project I'm starting, and want to correctly size my images for Premiere Pro. For instance, Final Cut Studio has this handy chart:


      The video sequence frame size

      If you are using this format                               is                    Use graphics with this frame size

      CCIR 601 NTSC 4:3                                  720 x 486                             720 x 547

      CCIR 601 NTSC 16:9 anamorphic               720 x 486                             853 x 486

      DV NTSC 4:3                                            720 x 480                             720 x 540

      DV NTSC 16:9 anamorphic                        720 x 480                              853 x 480

      CCIR 601/DV PAL 4:3                               720 x 576                              768 x 576

      CCIR 601/DV PAL 16:9 anamorphic            720 x 576                             1024 x 576

      720p HD                                                  1280 x 720                            1280 x 720

      1080i or 1080p HD                                   1920 x 1080                          1920 x 1080


      So for a standard 4:3 DV NTSC video, I make my still images 720 x 540 pixels. 16:9 anamorphic, 853 x 480.


      For whatever reason, this type of information is completely missing in the manuals for CS5.5. I did however find this information related to Premiere Pro 4:


      4:3 DV (NTSC) or ATSC SD—create and save the square-pixel file at 720x534.

      4:3 D1 (NTSC)—create and save the square-pixel file at 720x534.

      4:3 DV or D1 (PAL)—create and save the file at 788x576.

      16:9 DV (NTSC)—create and save the file at 864x480.

      16:9 D1 (NTSC)—create and save the file at 872x486.

      16:9 DV or D1 (PAL)—create and save the file at 1050x576.

      16:9 1080i HD—create and save the file at 1920x1080.

      16:9 720p HD—create and save the file at 1280x720.


      So did this apply to CS5.5 as well? Meaning if I'm creating a standard 4:3 DV NTSC video, my still images should be 720 x 534, and 16:9 anamorphic 864 x 480? Not quite sure what the distinction is between DV and D1, other than the anamorphic sizes are different.


      I also know these are different from Final Cut Studio. In Apple's manuals, they come right out and say the pixel sizes FCS uses for stills are different from most video editing software. So I'm not surprised to see 720 x 534 for for 4:3 NTSC in Premiere Pro rather than Apple's size of 720 x 540.