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    InDesign To SWF Strange Behavior Text Showing




      I am using InDesign 5 (not 5.5.) with updates on a Mac.  In the past I have exported SWF from InDesign without any issues.  The current project is causing problems, namely when exporting either the full file is not exported, random text appears in the exported SWF (outside of the area where there is any text at all) or both the front and the underlying background on a spread are exported as two pages.


      Kind of driving me nuts. 


      I took an older project that worked fine, re-exported that and the SWF was fine, which leads me to believe that it is something in the current InDesign document.  The strange part is that the issue is not consistent, meaning that sometimes the first X number of pages work, sometimes the first Y number of pages work.  And exporting small sections of the project work.  When the entire project is exported though, the text issue (usually) crops up.


      1.) I have deleted preferences (more than once)

      2.)  Exported IDML (more than once)

      3.)  Removed Master sheets

      4,)  Tried various combinations of export

      5.)  No warnings or errors are found in the document, and no overflow text errors. 


      Has anyone run into this before?  The document is a long one and right now do not really have time to restart from scratch.


      Not sure what else I should be chasing down to see what could work.



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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          I think there´s some limitation how many objects there may be in one SWF. I have bumped into some problems if I have tried to export really long documents. Sometimes I have got issues with a document with little bit more than hundred pages, sometimes I could have exported 500 pages without troubles at all.... so it´s not consistent...


          When InDesign exoports SWF, it splits text/words to smaller parts. That may also increase the number of objects....

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            Drew314159 Level 1

            Thank you very much for that information, been beating my head against the wall and right now doing builds to see if the is something consistent.


            Had been down the track many times in the last few days, figuring something had to be corrupted, but could not find a pattern or clear point where there was a problem, so it very well may be what you are saying, since the projects are all basically the same size give or take a few pages.


            If it continues and it is not a clear cut "spot" I may need to revise to cut down the number of objects somehow.  Have not really pursued that in the past (having not run into the issue) thought I saw some posts on the subject.


            Will let you know how this goes when I try to put it together one last time.


            Again, thank you for the information, thought I was losing my mind a bit

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              Drew314159 Level 1

              I have tested and it seems that it could be the object issue you mentioned.


              Right now trying to figure out how to reduce them  The problem occurs about 2/3rds through and the other project worked fine. 


              Not sure if you have any tips that could help reduce the object count.  I am going to keep on searching for info on that and exporting.  Over and Over and Over


              Thanks again